Corporate Services

Our quick and compliant routes to market help trusts to procure and deliver high-quality, good value corporate services. They cover a wide range of services, including legal, marketing, language services, accounting and finance, and audit. We can help at all stages of the procurement cycle, from shaping the need with robust specifications through to contract delivery, including supplier performance and benchmarking

Legal Services
Start date:01/02/19
End date:01/02/23
NHS Contact:Corporate Services
Analysis and Reconciliation
Start date:01/03/20
End date:28/02/23
NHS Contact:Corporate Services
Call-off type:Lot-Specific
Transforming Organisations, Partnerships and Systems
Start date:15/04/19
End date:01/03/23
NHS Contact:Corporate Services
Language Services DPS
Start date:15/09/15
End date:26/08/23
NHS Contact:Corporate Services
Statutory Audit and Multi-Specialty Audit Services
Start date:18/11/19
End date:17/11/23
NHS Contact:Corporate Services
CPC Drive: Vehicle Leasing and Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme
Start date:01/04/22
End date:31/03/26
NHS Contact:Corporate Services
Call-off type:Mini Competition and Direct Award