Language Services

Category:Corporate Services
Call-off type:Mini Competition and Direct Award
Start date:02/01/24
End date:01/01/28
Initial period:4
Extensions remaining:N/A

This framework has been established on behalf of NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP) which is a collaboration of four NHS procurement organisations comprising NHS Commercial Solutions, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, NHS London Procurement Partnership, and NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative.
The lead NHS PiP hub and the Contracting Authority responsible for establishing and managing this framework agreement is NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC).
The Language Services framework has been designed to provide a complete solution for Contracting Authorities seeking language services to support delivery to service users who speak, communicate, or read languages other than English.
The framework offers Contracting Authorities a compliant route to market from a range of service providers with local, regional, and national coverage with the options of making a direct award or running a further competition.
It is available for use by all members across the four NHS collaborative procurement partners and other contracting authorities across the NHS and wider UK public sector.

• A flexible framework that addresses customers’ needs for local/niche service providers.
• Quick and compliant route to market with pre-qualified suppliers.
• Social Value Key Themes are identified under the framework agreement and assessed at the framework stage.
• Supporting documentation through Direct Award/ Further competition.
• Knowledgeable framework management team to support Contracting Authorities.
• Access to Framework Rates Benchmarking Tool.

Lot 1a – Manged Services
All other regions

Lot 1b – Managed Services
London and South East regions

Lot 2a – Face to Face Interpretation
All other regions

Lot 2a – Face to Face Interpretation
London and South East regions

Lot 3 – Telephone Interpretation
All regions

Lot 4 – Video Interpretation (Spoken)
All regions

Lot 5a – Non-Spoken Language Interpretation
All other regions

Lot 5b – Non-spoken Language Interpretation
London and South East regions

Lot 6 – Written Translation Transcription and Ancillary Services
All regions

AA Global Language Services Ltd
Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd
BID Services
Clarion Interpreting Ltd
Crystal Clear Translation
Clear Voice
DA Languages
Enable2 CIC
Everyday Language Services
Kings of Translations
Language Empire Ltd
LanguageLine Solutions
Lingvohouse Translation Services Ltd
PAB Languages Centre Ltd
Prestige Network Ltd
Royal Association for Deaf People
Sign Language Interactions Ltd 

Sign Solutions (SLIA) Ltd
Silent Sounds Communications Ltd
Supreme Linguistic Services Ltd
TheBigWord Group Ltd
The Language Shop Ltd
Translate UK Ltd
Translinguist LLC
Wolfstone Translation Ltd

NHS PiP: This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) and available to our member organisations via NHS Commercial Solutions. This agreement is available to non-NHSCS member organisations via NOE CPC.

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Briefing Document (members only)
Schedule A - Specification (members only)
NOE.0583 Schedule C - Commercial Schedule Awarded Suppliers (members only)
NOE.02583 Appendix A Call off T&CS (members only)
NOE,0583 Further_Competition_Template_v1.4 (members only)
NOE.0583 Order_Form_Template (members only)
NOE.0583 Data Protection Protocol (members only)
NOE.0583 Schedule D - Framework KPIs (members only)
NOE.0583 Specification Appendix 3 - Example KPIs (members only)
NOE.0583 TUPE (Key_Provisions) (members only)
Corporate Services

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