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PPN 02/24 Improving Transparency of AI use in Procurement


PPN 02/24, titled “Improving Transparency of AI use in Procurement,” was issued by the UK Government on March 25, 2024. Here are the key points from this policy note:

  1. AI Adoption Risks: The note acknowledges that AI systems, tools, and products are part of a rapidly growing and evolving market. As such, there may be increased risks associated with their adoption. Care should be taken to ensure appropriate use of AI, considering both risks and opportunities.
  2. Scope and Dissemination:
    • The PPN applies to all Central Government Departments, their Executive Agencies, and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (referred to as ‘In-Scope Organisations’).
    • In-scope organisations should apply the provisions of this PPN with immediate effect.
    • Other public sector contracting authorities may also consider applying the approach set out in this PPN.
  3. Transparency and AI Use:
    • The PPN provides optional questions to help identify the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in procurements and in the delivery of government services.
    • Suppliers are not prohibited from using AI during the commercial process, but steps should be taken to understand the risks associated with AI tools.
    • Due diligence may be required to ensure suppliers have the capacity and capability to fulfil contract requirements when using AI tools for tender responses.
  4. Guidance and References:
    • Commercial teams can access guidance on AI as a subject area, appropriate AI use within public services, and how AI products should be procured.

For more details, you can refer to the full PPN 02/24 document.