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Stoma Care Nurse Sponsorship Service

Call-off type:N/A
Ref:2023/S 000-014056
Start date:01/05/23
End date:30/04/25
Initial period:2
Extensions remaining:2

This framework has been established on behalf of NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP) which is a collaboration of four NHS procurement organisations, comprising NHS Commercial Solutions, East of England, NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, NHS London Procurement Partnership and NHS North of England
Commercial Procurement Collaborative.

The Stoma Care Nurse Sponsorship Service framework is available for use by all members across the four NHS collaborative procurement partners and across the wider NHS. The East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) is the lead NHS PiP hub and the contracting authority responsible for establishing and managing this framework agreement.

Research carried out by EOECPH into the region’s stoma care services and its findings, published in the Hub's StoMap Baseline Report in September 2019, helped to inform this framework with the aim of assisting trusts in delivering patient-focussed services and aiding improvements to patient care whilst achieving cost saving efficiencies by reducing waste from overprescribing and overordering.

It offers a standardised approach, with transparency, clarity and consistency, for procuring a Stoma Care Nurse sponsorship agreement between trusts and suppliers. It can operate in both primary and secondary care environments and can include a patient’s pre- and post-operative care.

With a thorough understanding of potential complications associated with stoma surgery, specialist nurses can help to reduce instances of complications. Stoma Care Nurses also have a comprehensive knowledge of stoma appliances and accessories, keeping up to date with the latest product ranges, ensuring patients have appropriately prescribed products and choice.

• Delivers a better quality of life and promotes independence for patients through specialist clinical input
• Reduces over-prescribing and over-ordering of stoma products through specialist clinical input
• Offers effective prescribing control by consistent application of prescribing guidance and the authority’s
accessory formulary to ensure items issued are cost-effective and quantities supplied are in line with patients’
clinical needs
• Frees up GP time by having specialist Stoma Care Nurses managing prescriptions to add clinical value to the
prescribing process. This should ensure suitable quantities and products are prescribed, reducing primary
care administration time for GPs
• Offers an agreed patient pathway to reduce complications through regular interactions with patients to deliver
improved clinical care
• Delivers more accessible community support for patients following discharge to avoid patients attending the
Emergency Department and accessing urgent healthcare services due to stoma related complications.
• Delivers a standardised, regular, reliable Stoma Nurse service.
Scope of Services

The following two service models are available from the Framework Agreement:

• Stoma Care Nurse Sponsorship Service Model

• Stoma Care Nurse Managed Service Model.

The tender is not divided into lots.

• CliniMed (SecuriCare (Medical) Ltd)
• Coloplast UK Ltd
• Hollister Limited
• Respond Healthcare Ltd

NHS PiP: This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub (EoE) and available to our member organisations via NHS Commercial Solutions. This agreement is available to non-NHSCS member organisations via EoE.

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