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Webinar: How can ICSs best build economic and social value among their populations

25/01/2024  - 25/01/2024

NHS Commercial Solutions’ Alyson Brett, Managing Director is on the panel for the HSJ webinar on 25th January.

The webinar focuses on as part of their fundamental goal of improving health among their populations, integrated care systems also have opportunities to explore the benefits of their wider positions as local employers and influencers. By developing this “anchor institution” role, ICSs could build local economic and social value, in turn indirectly building health.

How and to what extent can and should ICSs explore this role? What would it mean for employment and procurement strategies? Should ICSs deploy place-based procurement strategies, prioritising opportunities to procure from companies in their communities, increasing local employment opportunities, and keeping money in the local area? What are the potential benefits for local businesses, the economy, supply chains, and the NHS? How have local councils already been exploring social value, and how does this influence broader conversations within ICSs?

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