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The Healthcare Workforce Conference South: Building a Sustainable NHS

15 Hatfields Conference Centre

The NHS workforce has experienced substantial growth in response to the evolving needs of the population, yet persistent vacancies totalling over 112,000 pose significant challenges.

As the NHS strives to implement its Long-Term Workforce Plan, addressing the staffing shortfall and improving patient care remain key challenges. Collaboration between NHS England, Health Education England, and NHS Digital has become pivotal in equipping the NHS to undertake this transformative plan, enhancing its ability to provide sustainable and effective healthcare.

Importance and Timeliness of the Event:

The Healthcare Workforce Conference South serves as a crucial platform for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders to strategise and confront the challenges associated with the Long-Term Workforce Plan. By fostering collaboration, innovative thinking, and knowledge-sharing, the conference aims to fortify the NHS workforce, ensuring improved patient care and sustainable staffing solutions.

Key Content Streams:

  • Long-term Workforce Plan Action: A comprehensive review of the strategic direction and actionable steps at the local, regional, and national levels, emphasizing the imperative of training, retention, and reform within the workforce.
  • Workforce Sustainability: Exploring strategies to enhance workforce sustainability by fostering a conducive culture, enhancing retention, revamping training approaches, and maximising productivity.
  • Evolving Challenges and Opportunities: Analyzing how the NHS can proactively adapt to the evolving challenges and leverage emerging opportunities, ensuring its readiness to meet the future demands of healthcare.
  • Education and Training Expansion: Delving into action plans aimed at boosting the NHS workforce through expanded education and training initiatives, including scaling up medical school places, augmenting GP specialty training, enhancing nursing training programs, and increasing apprenticeships.

Why Attend:

The Healthcare Workforce Conference South offers a pivotal opportunity for participants to contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry and the NHS.

This conference serves as a call to action for all stakeholders to collaborate in crafting a sustainable and robust workforce, ultimately leading to enhanced patient care and the achievement of long-

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