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Provision of an Appliance Prescription Management Service

Call-off type:Mini Competition and Direct Award
Ref:2022/S 000-032944
Start date:07/11/22
End date:06/11/24
Initial period:2
Extensions remaining:2

Prescription Management Service framework (APMS) is a national agreement giving trusts and other public bodies access to the provision of regular, reliable, managed appliance prescription services and advice hubs with specialist clinical input. Prescription appliances can include stoma and continence supplies, for example pouches, flanges, catheters, urinary bags, barrier creams and sprays. The agreement can also accommodate any other suitable appliance-based services.

The APMS framework was developed following research carried out by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH), into the region’s stoma care services. Findings, published in EOECPH’s StoMap Baseline Report in September 2019, helped to inform this framework with the aim of assisting trusts in delivering patient-focussed services and aiding improvements to patient care whilst achieving cost saving efficiencies by reducing waste from overprescribing and overordering.

  • Delivers a better quality of life and more independence to patients
  • Reduces complications through regular interactions with patients, delivering improved clinical care
  • Patients remain central to decision making over which products are used and are offered a reasonable choice
  • Ensures items issued are cost-effective and quantities supplied are in line with a patient’s clinical needs, delivering value for money for commissioners
  • Helps patients to make an unbiased and objective choice of dispensing appliance contractor (DAC) or local pharmacy - patients can choose or amend their dispensing organisation (DAC or community pharmacy)
  • Reduces overprescribing and overordering thus reducing waste and supporting potential cost saving efficiencies - suppliers will work with Participating Authorities to monitor and reduce instances of overordering
  • Improves prescribing control through consistent application of prescribing guidance and locally agreed accessory formularies
  • Reduces unwarranted variation of products
  • Frees up GP time by having specialist nurses managing prescriptions to add clinical value to the prescribing process
  • Ensures suitable quantities and products are prescribed, reducing primary care administration time for GPs
  • Framework is flexible and can be used for any suitable products
  • Ensures a legally compliant route to market for participating organisations.


Single Lot

Bullen Healthcare Group
CliniMed Ltd (SecuriCare (Medical) Ltd)
Coloplast UK Ltd
Fittleworth Medical (Connect Prescription Services)

NHS PiP: This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub (EoE) and available to our member organisations via NHS Commercial Solutions. This agreement is available to non-NHSCS member organisations via EoE.

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APMS Userguide (members only)
Bullens APMS Contract Information Pack (members only)
Clinimed APMS Contract Information Pack (members only)
Coloplast APMS Contract Information Pack (members only)
Fittleworth APMS Contract Information Pack (members only)
Specification (members only)
Schedule 7 Annex 1 - Customer Access Agreement APMS (members only)
Schedule 7 Annex 2 - Call-off Contract Template APMS (members only)
Schedule 7 Annex 2 Call-off Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and the Provision of Services (members only)
Schedule 7 Ordering Procedure APM Services (members only)
Technical Response Bullens (members only)
Technical Response Clinimed (members only)
Technical Response Coloplast (members only)
Technical Response Fittleworth (members only)

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