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Pharmacy Robots, Inventory Management Systems, Assets, and Associated Services

Call-off type:Mini Competition and Direct Award
Start date:08/03/23
End date:07/03/27
Initial period:4
Extensions remaining:N/A

This Framework has been endorsed by NHS England as a recommended route to market for Pharmacy Robots, Inventory Management Systems, Assets and Associated Services under:

  • Pillar 1 for Lots 4 & 6
  • Pillar 4 for Lots 1, 2, 3 & 6

The Framework provides awarding authorities with a legally compliant route to the market for Pharmacy Robots, Inventory Management Systems, Assets, and Associated Services, with the benefits of significantly reduced procurement timescales and access to cost-effective and quality approved suppliers.

You can explore our framework suppliers' case studies by clicking here.

The Framework allows for Direct Award on Lots 1,2,3,4, and 6. It is a Free to access Framework accessible to all NHS organisations in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Also, local authorities, public services organisations, social enterprises, and Community Interest Companies (CICs). NHS and public service organisations within the UK.

The Suppliers on the Framework are compliant to legalisations and regulations. The framework makes it easier and less time-consuming for NHS trusts and other organisations to obtain the services covered.

Lot 1: An inventory management system (IMS) – The system should provide the Client with visibility of the inventory as it enters, moves around the site and is used by the Client, to maintain agile stock levels, i.e., a balance of inventory that allows the organisation to operate at its most efficient whilst mitigating risk to services, flexing par levels to meet seasonal and demographic trends. An IMS solution can also be used for procuring Pharmacy Robots by defining the output Hardware.

Lot 2: Medical Equipment Database- The system will allow tracking and management of a medical device during its lifespan. Ideally a Medical equipment database software will have the ability to deliver a wealth of data in a continuous feedback loop which can then be used for equipment optimisation and performance improvement.

Lot 3: Asset tracking and Management System – The system will allow tracking, management, end of life dispose-off or recycling of any assets belonging to an organisation. It will provide real-time location and keep track of inventory that is helpful in minimizing inventory theft, and inventory misplacement which means the inventory is updated all the time.

Typically, the services offered include but not limited to GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and WiFi tracking.

Lot 4: Pharmacy Robots - Pharmacy robots automate the management and distribution process of pharmaceutical items to be dispensed in a more efficient manner in a Medical environment by using an Inventory Management System (IMS). The Robot (a set of Hardware processing the automation) will automate medication dispensing, sorting, packaging, and retrieval.

Lot 6: Bespoke Services – This lot is mini-competition only. This lot could be a combination of the services from Lot 1, 2, 3 and 4 and associated services for hosting/facilitating these services.

Lot 1: IMS
Becton Dickinson Dispensing UK Limited
ELCOM Systems Limited
Genesis Automation
Ingenica Solutions Limited

Lot 2: Medical Equipment Database
Add Energy Ltd
ELCOM Systems Limited

Lot 3: Asset tracking and Management System
Add Energy Ltd
ELCOM Systems Limited
Genesis Automation

Lot 4: Pharmacy Robots
Becton Dickinson Dispensing UK Limited

Lot 6: Bespoke Services
Add Energy Ltd
Becton Dickinson Dispensing UK Limited
ELCOM Systems Limited


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