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Non-Clinical Systems Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Call-off type:Mini Competition and Direct Award
Ref:2023/S 000-033796
Start date:19/02/24
End date:18/02/29
Initial period:5
Extensions remaining:N/A

The Non-Clinical Systems DPS offers authorities the ability to purchase solutions from a range of market providers and categories.

It has been structured to provide a route to market to procure a very broad range of systems that the NHS and wider public sector currently use.

As this is a DPS, the current categories in scope can be added to over time, as can the list of awarded suppliers.

The DPS offers further competition as a procurement method which can be administered in two ways, full further competition for more complex requirements, or the Supplier Selection Tool for less complex requirements, to be awarded on price alone.

  • PCR15 Compliant route to market. The DPS has been awarded in compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and therefore all call-off agreements awarded under the DPS are also PCR15 compliant
  • Free to access. All NOE CPC frameworks are free to access for all members and non-members across the NHS and other in-scope areas of the public sector
  • Contract direct with the system vendor. The Non-Clinical Systems DPS has been designed to provide a compliant route direct to the supplier market. Suppliers with the capability to transact directly with the NHS and wider public sector can bid for a position on the DPS under their chosen categories, thereby reducing supply chain costs and improving supplier management outcomes
  • Simple shortlisting and Supplier Sourcing Tool* process. The DPS provides an online tool via the NOE CPC website for the shortlisting of suppliers for your specific sub-category and requirements. This shortlist can then either be taken offline and suppliers invited to bid via your own procurement system, or, for less complex requirements, you can use our tool to obtain quotes from shortlisted suppliers
  • Allows for introduction of new suppliers and categories. The DPS is a flexible and fluid route to market as it allows new suppliers to bid and join throughout its lifespan. The DPS also allows for the introduction of new categories of system so it can evolve with changes in the technology market. If you wish to access a supplier or category that isn’t currently listed, please get in touch and we can consider this for inclusion.

*Supplier Sourcing Tool in development

The Non-Clinical Systems DPS is very broad in scope which reflects the need for a single route to market for these types of system that are in use across the whole of the NHS.

Below is a list of the current categories and sub-categories in scope of the DPS. These categories may evolve over time as new requirements arise

Estates & Facilities

CAFM Systems
Ward Management Systems
Patient Meals Systems
Booking/Scheduling Systems

Business Management

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Systems
Risk/Accident Management Systems
Library Management Systems & Online Journals
Interoperability Systems
3D visualisation, Modelling and CAD
Digital Transformation Systems
Quality/Performance Management Systems
Marketing Systems
Project Management Systems
Collaboration & Productivity Systems
Service/Support Desk Systems
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
Policy Management Systems
Workflow Management Systems

Finance & Procurement

Finance/Accounting Systems
Purchase 2 Pay Systems
Payroll Systems
eProcurement Systems
Contract Management Systems

Data & Analytics

Performance, Analytics and Benchmarking Systems
Patient Level Information Costing Systems
Data Management and Reporting Systems (DMRS)
Clinical Coding Systems

Healthcare Support Systems

COSSH Systems
Integrated Care Environment (ICE)
Video Consultation
Learning and disability support Systems
Medical Research Systems

NHS PiP: This is an NHS Procurement in Partnership (PiP) partner hub framework agreement delivered by NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) and available to our member organisations via NHS Commercial Solutions. This agreement is available to non-NHSCS member organisations via NOE CPC.

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Briefing document (members only)
NHS DPS agreement Call off terms and conditions (members only)
DPS Further Comp Template (members only)
Annex 7 Order Form Template (members only)
Annex 8 Data Protection Protocol (members only)
Non-Clinical Systems DPS Supplier by Category (members only)

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