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Category:Workforce and Staffing
Call-off type:Mini Competition and Direct Award
Start date:25/04/23
End date:24/04/27
Initial period:4
Extensions remaining:N/A

This framework will be made up of seven lots. All public and third sector organisations including NHS contracting authorities, central government, local government, universities, charities and blue light (emergency) services can hire a range of quality non-clinical workers through a range of engagement types including fixed-term, temporary positions and contractors. The 7 lots give you the ability to secure quality candidates on a regional and national basis across the UK. Roles include, but are not limited to:

Lot 1 – Administration and secretarial roles

Lot 2 – Finance, accounts and audit roles

Lot 3 - IT technicians, analysts and technical engineer specialists

Lot 4 - Legal secretaries, paralegals and lawyers

Lot 5 – Environmental and scientific roles, such as EA and senior assistant scientists, technical and clinical coders including health records secretaries

Lot 6 – Caterers, drivers, security, estates and maintenance roles

Lot 7 – Managed Service Provision: master/neutral vendor

  • NHS England approved route to market for non-clinical temporary staffing
  • Wide range of experienced suppliers including SME’s, specialist niche suppliers and managed solution options
  • Maximum agreement rates are fixed and are also limited in line with the NHS England agency price caps
  • Achieve larger savings using the built-in discounts (you can access discounts for length of placement, by nominating a worker, or by hiring large volumes of workers at the same time)
  • Transparent rates and costs for both PAYE and limited company temporary workers, including fixed term appointments
  • We carry out quality assurance audits to make sure worker pre employment checks for NHS roles follow the NHS Employers Check Standardsand Skills for Health
  • Non-NHS contracting authorities can specify what pre-employment checks they need: for example, Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)
  • Direct award is available and supported by the NHS Workforce Alliance to enable quick access to workers when needed
  • Access a range of tools to help you select suppliers including rate card, award support tool and region/skills matrix
  • Free to use; you don’t need a membership and framework fees are collected from suppliers

Lot 1 – Admin and Clerical

Lot 2 - Corporate Functions

Lot 3 – IT Professionals

Lot 4 – Legal

Lot 5 – Scientific, Technical and Clinical Coding

Lot 6 – Estates, Facilities Management and Ancillary Staff

Lot 7 – MSP: Master/Neutral Vendor

Lot 1: Admin and Clerical – 65 suppliers

Lot 2 - Corporate Functions – 111 suppliers

Lot 3 – IT Professionals – 89 suppliers

Lot 4 – Legal – 20 suppliers

Lot 5 – Scientific, Technical and Clinical Coding – 20 suppliers

Lot 6 – Estates, Facilities Management and Ancillary Staff – 68 suppliers

Lot 7 – MSP: Master/Neutral Vendor – 14 suppliers

Workforce Alliance: This is an Workforce Alliance framework agreement delivered by Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and available to our member organisations via NHS Commercial Solutions. This agreement is available to non-NHSCS member organisations via CCS

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