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Learning and Training Services Dynamic Purchasing System

Category:Workforce and Staffing
Call-off type:Mini Competition and Direct Award
Start date:29/10/21
End date:28/10/25
Initial period:4
Extensions remaining:N/A

The NHS Workforce Alliance Learning and Training Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) offers you fast and efficient access to a wide range of training providers that can offer both in person and virtual options for you.
The learning and training services available are broken down into four, easily navigated routes:

• Off the shelf training courses, including mandatory training such as Health & Safety and standard training such as digital skills and leadership.
• Bespoke training, including coaching, consultancy and advice.
• Learning technologies, including Learning Management Systems (LMS) software, content and configuration.
• Educational services, including skills for the unemployed or people in Education.

Learning categories include:
• Business skills
• Coaching and mentoring
• Health and Safety
• Digital, data and technology
• Financial Services
• Languages
• Leadership and management
• Legal and compliance
• NHS clinical
• NHS non-clinical
• NHS Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
• Project and programme management
• Specialist/niche training
• Wellbeing

If you have an existing training provider that you use regularly, we can support them through the process of joining the DPS.

• Suppliers can join at any time, ensuring that the DPS gives you access to the suppliers and training solutions you need, and you can respond to changing market demands.
• Reducing the cost of bidding across multiple tenders.
• Creating direct relationships with training providers.
• Access to a greater choice of providers at both national and regional levels.
• Opportunity to take advantage of the high volume of SMEs in the UK training market to help evidence local provision and social value targets.
• The dynamic filtering system gives you the flexibility to use a rapid or standard procurement route depending on your requirements.

• rapid award: for standard off the shelf training only
• you are able to use the supplier’s prospectus and pricing matrix to make a rapid award to a supplier who meets your training needs
• standard direct award: for any other training needs
• you can export a supplier list and invite the selected suppliers to take part in a capability assessment and / or a further competition

You can access this DPS by visiting the Supplier Registration Page. You will then need to:

1. Select ‘view the available agreement’ option on the right hand side of the webpage, under the heading Dynamic Purchasing Systems and Low Value Purchase System
2. Click on the ‘Learning and Development’ link
3. Select ‘Access as a Buyer’

From here you can select the relevant filters and route to market that meets your needs and begin the call off process.

Workforce Alliance: This is an Workforce Alliance framework agreement delivered by London Procurement Partnership (LPP) and available to our member organisations via NHS Commercial Solutions. This agreement is available to non-NHSCS member organisations via LPP

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