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Crown Commercial Service and NHS Procurement in Partnership are working together to deliver health workforce services under the banner of the Workforce Alliance.

The collaboration is to ensure our customers have easy and quick access to a sustainable workforce and is part of a long-term plan to deliver a whole portfolio of health workforce services.

Among the commercial agreements already jointly launched are the International Recruitment framework which supports not just the NHS, but the wider public sector. It addresses the NHS need to increase international recruitment to fill existing permanent vacancies dedicated staff and aligns with recommendations set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS People Plan.

Another agreement, the Flexible Resource Pool - Staff Bank, is also live and provides the ability to build a flexible staff bank for both clinical and non-clinical temporary staff. This framework is the first of its kind to ensure pre-employment assurance is undertaken against NHS Employers Check Standards for all workers employed by an outsourced bank.

More recently, the Non-Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff framework agreement was launched. This replaces the previous Non-Medical Non-Clinical framework and provides access to competitive pricing, with the ability to better use fixed term appointments and statement of work.

The Workforce Alliance board said: “We are delighted to be working together in support of our joint ambition for a sustainable NHS workforce model. The collection of expertise, resources and geographical reach across the Alliance brings a willingness to listen and to work in partnership to benefit our customers across the NHS and public sector.”

International Recruitment

The Workforce Alliance's International Recruitment framework supports the NHS and the public sector in their future recruitment strategies. The framework is in response to, and aligned with, recommendations set out for international recruitment in the NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS People Plan.

This was the first framework launched by the Workforce Alliance. Suppliers and customers will benefit from a strong partnership that brings together CCS, as the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK, combined with the extensive expertise and experience that NHS Procurement in Partnership has in the NHS.

The framework addresses the NHS need to increase international recruitment to fill existing vacancies. By offering a compliant route to market the framework for International Recruitment ensures compliance with NHS pre-employment standards, connecting trusts with dedicated staff working hard to treat people with care, compassion and dignity.

The International Recruitment framework grants access to a wide range of experienced international recruitment organisations, that all operate at a high standard of quality.

Within our framework we ensure providers:

  • Meet government requirements on good industry practice, codes of practice, legislation, voluntary arrangements, regulations
  • Are responsible for relocation, pastoral support and satisfaction of the employee
  • Are aware of their worker’s licensing situation and requirements
  • Keep up to date with Brexit, regulatory changes, language testing, and immigration policy
  • Are compliant with procurement regulations.


For documentation, further information or to access the framework, please contact

Flexible Resource Pool

Flexible Resource Pools, or Staff Banks, are pools or groups of workers managed flexibly and proactively to make the most efficient use of an organisation’s workforce.

The Workforce Alliance's Flexible Resource Pool commercial agreement gives access to services to help you flexibly manage your workforce, including the setting up of a new Staff Bank, or the complete outsourcing of your bank’s management, to maximise shift fill rates in the most efficient way possible.

Workforce Alliance Flexible Resource Pool helps you to do this quickly and easily.

The customer chooses the staff groups covered by the bank, and within these any grade or specialty can be requested. The groups are:

  • Doctors, consultants, dentists and GPs
  • Allied health professionals, health science services and emergency services personnel
  • Nursing and midwifery personnel
  • Non-medical non-clinical 


The agreement will focus on providing staff bank services to NHS contracting authorities but is open to all UK public sector bodies with staff bank needs.

This agreement supports wider NHS aspirations towards more sustainable models of staffing provision, with a wide number of suppliers and new expertise in innovative technology.

The agreement includes support for customers on supply chain management, delivery to capped rates and reporting to NHS Improvement. It provides dedicated service for the creation, implementation and delivery of an outsourced bank across all job categories. The new pricing model gives customers the ability to build a truly bespoke service - utilising just the elements they require. This is the first staff bank agreement to undertake worker compliance audits for staff employed by an outsourced bank. This framework is also approved by NHS Improvement and NHS England - the first bank agreement to get such an endorsement.

For documentation, further information or to access the framework, please contact


This Workforce Alliance agreement provides non clinical temporary staff largely to the NHS, though other public sector bodies can also use it.

It can be used to cover vacancies, leave (planned and unplanned), digital transformation projects, ad hoc projects, unforeseen work and the clearing of backlogs.

The kind of staff that can be hired on this framework include those with roles in administration, secretarial, finance, accounts and audit, HR, information and communication technology, health informatics, public relations, legal services, catering, drivers, estates and maintenance, security and environmental and scientific services and many more.

The framework has an award support tool which runs a price competition for the customer. This allows a search by region, role and job band, and produces a list that is ranked by cost which can help customers make direct awards - though further competition can also be run under the framework.

The framework uses NHS Improvement recommended price caps and NHS employment check standards to assure workers are compliant and is free to use for those in the NHS and the wider public sector.

There is an extensive choice of suppliers too - 80% of them small and medium sized businesses.

For documentation, further information or to access the framework, please contact

Workforce Support

Workforce Alliance are pleased to announce our Workforce Support portfolio is now live and freely available to our customers.

The Workforce Support Portfolio brings together four separate framework agreements previously delivered individually by Crown Commercial Service, these are now freely available across the Workforce Alliance customer base. The portfolio includes:Permanent Recruitment Services

This framework provides you with the ability, through direct award or further competition, to secure recruitment services regionally and nationally to hire quality candidates under a variety of specialisms including:

  • Administrative
  • Operational
  • Digital, data and technology (DDaT)
  • Corporate services
  • Finance
  • Project management.

Management Consultancy

This framework provides management consultancy advice for central government, arms-length bodies, non-departmental public bodies and the wider public sector.  Lot 4 (HR) forms part of the Workforce Support portfolio. Offerings under this lot include but not limited to:

  • Agency and temporary staff advice
  • Dispute management
  • Employee relations and communications
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment policy and strategy
  • Staffing.

Managed Learning

This is a single supplier direct award agreement for a range of learning and development services. In addition to providing learning products from its own organisation the supplier provides access to other best in class training and resources.

This framework offers a number of benefits to customers including:

  • Over 50% of funds guaranteed to small suppliers
  • Catalogue of commonly required courses and professional qualifications
  • Rigorous supplier performance management including KPI’s, SLA’a and volumes through a self-service secure and on demand single sign-on platform.

Occupational Health

This agreement provides access to a range of occupational health services, employee assistance programmes and eye care services through telephone support and an online portal. This framework is available through both direct award and further competition.

Benefits for customers using this framework are:

  • Small and medium sized suppliers
  • Bundled service and clear price structure
  • Choice of service and price bundles
  • Flexibility to adapt to personal needs

For documentation, further information or to access the framework, please contact

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