Patient and non-patient messaging services

Benefits of using patient reminder services

PBR Income recovery  Appointment reminder services can help to recover PbR income for your organisation.

Improved efficiency in running health clinics. Seeing more patients first time, means that fewer clinics have to be run in order to see the same volume of patients. NHS trusts have witnessed a positive impact on locum spend as a result of reducing Do Not Attend rates.

Benefits of using our framework

  • This framework allows you to select individual services from specific lots or, a combination of services from a multi-service lot to provide a range of communication modes
  • This framework gives scope for additional communications to be sent to patients such as the friends and family test or health promotion material.
  • Return on investment is typically in excess of 12:1 and is often in excess of 25:1 for this framework.

Framework structure

This framework has been structured to incorporate 5 lots:

Lot 1: Messaging services to mobile phones (SMS)

Lot 2: Messaging services to computers (Email)

Lot 3: Automated voice messages to a landline of mobile phone

Lot 4: Agent calls - a solution with a personal touch to contact patients who may not have access to technology.

Lot 5: A multi service lot encompassing a combination of any of the above lots, and potentially linked services to provide an end-to-end communications service.

Lots 1 - 4 on this framework can be directly awarded or by further competition Lot 5 is by further competition only.


For further information please contact Derek Howe or Philip Spicer


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