Pharmacy Homecare

Pharmacy Homecare Services

This new NHS Commercial Alliance Framework builds upon our previous successful pharmacy homecare service frameworks, allowing our customers to select homecare services according to service complexity and funding arrangements:

Lot 1 – Low-tech Homecare Medicines Services

Lot 2 – Mid-tech Homecare Medicines Services

Lot 3 – High-tech Homecare Medicines for Antibiotic Products

Lot 4 – High tech Homecare Medicines Services

Benefits of using this framework agreement

Benefits of using this framework include;

  • This framework provides a mechanism to allow for manufacturer funded services to be contracted under the framework agreement. This allows your trust to take advantage of sponsored homecare services at no extra cost when purchasing their product

  • This framework supports trusts purchase homecare services according to the common market groupings of service complexity and funding arrangements.

  • This framework allows for the provision of mid-tech and high-tech services.

  • Overall as a region, it is anticipated this new framework will deliver 6.1% savings on current spend with incumbent suppliers.

Benefits of Pharmacy Homecare

  • Improves patient (and carer) quality of life. A homecare Enables patients to receive treatment in the comfort of their how home or nominated address of their choice, rather than in a healthcare setting.

  • Realising benefits in productivity and efficiency.

  •  Lower clinical risk patients can be treated at home rather than occupying acute or community beds, saving bed capacity for running surgery lists or higher acuity patients.

  • Opportunity to re-design services.  Pharmacy Homecare can help support STP transformation.

Pharma Homecare

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