e-Catalogue and e-Requisition

Contract duration: 01/12/2016–30/11/2020

This framework was developed jointly by the four NHS CPP Hubs, with support from Trust catalogue specialists, to support both future developments and to ensure integration with existing systems as a priority. The system has been built to NHS specification with an emphasis on integration, sharing and management of complex frameworks.


Built to NHS specification, for the NHS environment

  • the system is specifically designed to support NHS equirements at both Trust and Hub/Cluster level, with integrations into other catalogue and finance systems

Right product at the right price

  • the system is built with the Lord Carter recommendations round collaboration between organisations, controlling choice and reducing duplication in mind

GS1 compliant

  • the system approaches master data management at a level of maturity and sophistication no other system on the market can achieve
  • All four CPP organisations will implement a single system to manage and share complex framework pricing, supplier details and NHS data effectively
  • The system will integrate with all national and local content providers, the specification of which has been developed with the DH and is compliant with GS1 data attributes

Transparent, explicit costs

  • Suppliers will be able, free of charge, to manage their product information and there will be a joint responsibility between the contracting authority and supplier to ensure contracted pricing is adhered to

Future focussed

  • Acknowledging the direction of travel and the DH Future Operating Model for Procurement, far more sophisticated and efficient content management systems able to adapt to the evolving NHS landscape will need to be in place
  • This system is a significant step towards the collaborative sharing and delivery of catalogues to 80% of all NHS trusts in England.

Further Information

For further information on this framework, please contact Jonathan Curnock

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