10 Years in business

Introduction to 10 years of delivering success

We've delivered total savings of £160 million +

NHS Commercial Solutions is now in its tenth year of operation and has delivered substantial benefits to the NHS and wider public sector, returning more than £160 million to frontline healthcare since its inception in 2007.

Benefiting our members

We are a membership organisation, we work together with over 70 organisations to pool our collective purchasing power and invest back into patient care. We offer a variety of membership packages to suit the needs of your organisation. For more information....read more

Dedicated account managers

Each organisation we work with is different, with their own needs and requirements. Members of our organisation are assigned account managers, who agree schedules of work to be completed throughout the year. The account managers regularly meet with members to monitor and appraise progress against procurement timelines, savings targets and planning for the future.   

Procurement consultancy

NHS Commercial Solutions offers a client centred procurement consultancy service for a wide range of NHS and public sector organisations. Our support is tailored to the specific requirements of each client and is delivered by a highly qualified and experienced team... read more

Building effective strategic partnerships

NHS Commercial Solutions have a wide range of strategic partnerships with different types of organisations. We like to expand our knowledge and find new ways of working and benefitting our customers. NHS Commercial Solutions is also a member of two bigger partnerships;

  • NHS Commercial Alliance - This is a partnership between NHS Commercial Solutions and East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub.

  • NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership - This is an alliance between all four regional procurement hubs; NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS London Procurement Partnership, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative.

Category expertise

Our staff have specialist knowledge in a range of clinical and Non-Clinical areas, and can work with you on both collaborative and bespoke projects. Our staff are skilled at working with suppliers and managing markets to produce quality contracts for the benefit of our customers. We have expertise in the following popular categories;

  • Commissioning

  • Temporary Staffing

  • Medical, surgical and pharmacy

  • Estates and facilities

  • IT and Communications

  • Corporate Services

  • Procurement consultancy

Market intelligence and data analytics

We carry out detailed data analysis and market research to make sure that our key markets and spend areas are managed effectively.

We provide IT systems that benefit our customers with an enhanced visibility on current spend, contract usage and compliance, as well as solutions for running and evaluating procurements.

National Clinical Staffing Framework

The NHS now has access, at no charge, to the first National Clinical Staffing framework, supporting compliance with NHS Improvement’s caps on agency staffing pay and charge rates – a major boon to NHS teams fighting to control spiralling agency staffing costs... Read more

Award winning frameworks

We have won many awards for our projects and frameworks over the last 10 years in business. With NHS Commercial Solutions you are receiving an award winning compliant route to market with framework agreements you can access....Read more

It's our 10th year in business

Since our formation in 2007, NHS Commercial Solutions has been the provider of choice for procurement and commercial services to the NHS and wider public sector.

We would like to thank our customers for their support over the last 10 years....Read more

10 years

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