CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework

Over the last few years, the amount of money spent on agency staffing has increased to around £3.3 billion per year. In late 2015 Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority (now part of NHS Improvement) set maximum rates the NHS should pay for temporary staff – those rates were lowered again in February and April 2016. All agencies awarded a place on the framework have agreed to provide candidates within the April rate caps set by NHS Improvement.

The new CPP National Clinical Staffing framework replaces the first national NHS framework for the supply of nursing and nursing-related staff and has been developed by the NHS hubs in consultation with NHS HR Directors, Staff Bank Managers and procurement specialists from across the NHS; and through close working with NHS Improvement to ensure that this framework is tailored around and fully compliant with the current rules. Agencies have also been consulted during the development period, and their proposals for the best ways for the NHS to manage costs and demand without compromising clinical quality and patient safety taken into consideration.

Benefits of using National Staffing Framework

  • This framework has been created in consultation with NHS Improvement, in order to support the agency pricing cap rules which came into effect November 2015. Using this framework ensures that your organisation is compliant with current NHSI regulations and is future-proofed to take into account any further agency price regulations.

  • Assurance. All Suppliers have been audited pre-award to ensure that their processes and procedures comply with NHS Employers standards.

  • Flexibility. Trusts are able to use agencies as employment businesses, direct engagement, neutral vendor or in master vendor arrangement.

  • Prices compliant with April Rate Caps and July wage caps.

  • Easy, flexible, free and ready to access nowThe framework is free to the NHS and other relevant public sector organisations

Lot Structure

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership's National Clinical Staffing framework provides access to temporary and permanent staff for a wide range of clinical roles, including:

  • Medical and Dental Staff
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Other clinical staff, including Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Staff

Under this framework, our customers have the option to choose how they source their temporary staff. Customers are able to choose a traditional agency model or directly engage temporary or permanent staff, use a neutral vendor or if preferred, contract with one agency for all clinical staffing groups. 

The Clinical Staffing framework has three lots:

Lot 1- Employment Business – Under this lot agencies supply temporary workers and pay the worker.

Lot 2 - Employment Agency – Agencies supply either temporary or permanent workers to the trust, but the trust pays the worker, with the agency receiving a commission fee.

Lot 3 - Neutral Vendor- The supplier acts as a neutral party. They do not supply their own staff, but instead manage the supply chain.

Further information can be found in the user guide.

User Guide

Please click here for a user guide

National Clinical Staffing

Further Information

For further information on this framework, please contact either Liz Shambrook or Neil Baigent.

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