EHPPA Days 2019 - Registration

7th March - 2019 Registration is now live!
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Curious about the ONLY event in Europe putting technology suppliers in touch with public healthcare procurers?

With reviews and recommendations published by central figures across Europe advocating the incorporation of technology into healthcare, the need for a platform to connect procurers with the relevant suppliers is obvious.  EHPPA is striving to accelerate this process through the creation of its event EHPPA Days. Spread over two days this event is the only of its kind in Europe, connecting public healthcare procurers and innovative digital suppliers through a series of guest speakers and business to business meetings.

Following a successful event in 2017, the second edition of EHPPA Days comes to London to build on its previous achievements. For its first event, EHPPA Days brought together around 130 participants from 17 different countries and provided a platform for over 300 B2B meetings. Feedback for the event was overwhelmingly positive with 100% of participants who registered feedback giving scores of either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. This year with the aid of their new event portal, supported by feedback from the previous event, EHPPA days will provide an improved version of an outstanding event.

What does the new portal mean for you?

With new features tailored by previous recommendations and feedback, the new portal is built to ensure you get the most out of EHPPA Days. Registration starts with filling out a few details on yourself and your organisation, focusing on the industries in which you specialise and achievements of your organisation. Once this has been completed your profile is live!

The profile section is laid out so that it’s accessible and easy to navigate. Once on the profile page you can update your bio to stand out to other attendees, create marketplace opportunities to express interests and reach out to other organisations, and adjust your attendance to the conference’s events. On the website you can place searches for participants or marketplace opportunities using filters in order to find your best potential match, making sure each meeting is relevant to you. The agenda system on the website also tracks each of your meeting s and puts them in a simple event agenda which you can easily print to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

With the aid of this new portal EHPPA days will return better than ever, providing a seamless, unmissable event for those looking to create new links with the most exciting digital suppliers and the largest public healthcare procurers. Making it even easier to expand your network and gain insight into the latest trends in European healthcare technology.

Please note that meeting requests will only be accessible on the website in the weeks coming up to the event.

Please find the link for registration attached to the bottom of this news story.

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