HAPPI Contracts Awarded

 11 January 2016

First three health sector contracts awarded to innovative SMEs by European consortium

Members of the central purchasing consortium HAPPI (Healthy Ageing Public Procurement of Innovations) - including Resah, NHS Commercial Solutions, Mercur’Hosp, SRC Piemonte, the Federation of Luxembourg Hospitals, BBG Federal Procurement Agency, and EHPPA – have come together to express their shared need for innovative solutions in the field of elderly care, launching the first call for cross-border deals within the public health sector. 

The HAPPI consortium, aimed to develop a joint public procurement policy for healthcare innovations in response to a project launched by the European Commission in 2011, have now awarded their first set of contracts to three SMEs promising pioneering improvements to the care and living conditions of elderly individuals.

The first such contract, awarded to French-owned SME, C2S, has been provided to develop a state-of-the-art ‘fall detection system.’ Called the ‘Visualisation and Drop Alert’ solution (VAC), the project combines an optical sensor with newly developed software to detect any type of fall or loss of consciousness in a reliable and inexpensive manner. A text or email is sent to a mobile or centralised telephone within ten seconds of any detected fall, containing the necessary information needed for staff to react fast, and a blurred image of the incident to ensure suitable discretion. The use of a bidirectional microphone additionally enables communication to be established immediately, in order to minimize the rate of false detections.

A second French firm, Alter Éco Sante, has similarly been awarded a contract to develop its ‘Get Up and Walk’ programme, employing a balance workshop to enable elderly fall-victims regain confidence and autonomy. An integrated and compact solution, complete with scoring book and optional training modules for the user’s personal development, will help fall-victims continue in their day-to-day lives with confidence, reducing the risk of a future fall.

Forcelink’s ‘C-Mill’ treadmill, the third SME to win a contract from Project HAPPI, has been developed as a timesaving and flexible form of gait training and rehabilitation. Equipped with a project and an embedded force platform the C-Mill treadmill can be used assess the gait pattern of  a patient whilst providing a safe and effective method of obstacle avoidance training.

The first buyers of innovative products and solutions chosen by the Project HAPPI consortium will benefit from a price reduction by an additional grant from the European Commission, a total of 500,000 euros. Interested institutions are asked to contact NHSCS.info@nhs.net for further details.

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