Telecoms Workshop at NHS Commercial Solutions

12th February 2015

Managing Telecommunication spend can be a tough task, especially in the ever changing NHS arena and no strategy seems sustainable for the long run. This requires keeping up to date with the market and technology dynamics  and be prompt to harvest the best out of it to suit your organisational need.

NHS Commercial Solutions has arranged a workshop on managing Telecommunications spend for its member Trusts where the Telecomms Category Managers from the Crown Commercial Services will present their offers to help the Trust in saving money and optimise services. 

The workshop aims to highlight options for the Trusts when deciding their long and short termed strategies for approaching the total telecomms solutions including mobile voice and data, texts, and fixed line telephony. Derek Howe, IT Projects Manager from NHS Commercial Solutions will host the meeting and the initial session will be focused on the telephony landscape in this region, suppliers and stakeholders, influential factors, opportunities and risks that should be considered when forming the total telecomms strategies.

In the second session, the Crown Commercial Solutions Telecomms Category Managers will explain what services they can offer to assist the Trusts with their programmes. They will cover some of the current aggregated procurement programmes the body has initiated and the future opportunities that can benefit the public sector organisations.

The final session will recap the information shared through the sessions. Expression of interest will be recorded, if there is any, and a high level execution plan will be agreed.

The workshop will be held on 3rd March 2015 from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. All member Trusts of NHS Commercial Solutions are invited to participate in the programme.

If you believe this session will benefit your organisation, please confirm your attendance with Monjur Elahi at; Phone: 01306 646 820.

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