European Benchmarking

 12th September 2014    

Alyson Brett, Chief Executive of NHS Commercial Solutions is also the President of The European Public Procurement Alliance (EHPPA). In the wake of the publication of the NHS Procurement Atlas of Variation, Alyson talks about how international networking and sharing best practice in procurement can help raise standards in the NHS.

EHPPA was set up in collaboration with French procurement colleagues some three years ago, and we now have members from ten countries across Europe. We are delighted to hear that Lord Carter recently referenced the importance of global networking in procurement. One of EHPPA’s primary objectives is to establish effective benchmarking across a range of clinical and non -clinical categories to improve the procurement performance of its members in the European market.

EHPPA provides a platform for the exchange of best practice and aims to promote innovation in healthcare. Our members pool their expertise to leverage performance and provide valuable insight into key markets, with the ultimate aim of enhancing and professionalising the non-profit health procurement sector in Europe.

We have watched the conversation about the Atlas of Variation with interest and reflected on some of the conversations we had with partners globally. In fact UK NHS prices perform very well in a number of the categories in which we have undertaken benchmarking, and we think NHS procurers should take pride in this.

The true value in our work with EHPPA is in understanding the market dynamics which lead to improved procurement performance and we believe having an international perspective, as our suppliers do, is key. The desire shown by procurement professionals to improve performance is most definitely a universal one, and any language barriers are soon overcome once the category discussions get started!

For further information, please contact Alyson Brett, CEO of NHS Commercial Solutions, on 01306 646822 or or visit


EHPPA is a central purchasing organisation with a formal legal/governance structure and membership comprising ten other non-profit central purchasing organisations from France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The Alliance has also worked with American and Singaporean GPOs and works with the IHF (International Hospital Federation).


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