Secure Data Deletion and Disposal of Redundant ICT Assets

31 July 2014

Following a rigorous procurement process, NHS Commercial Solutions has awarded a framework agreement for the provision of services for the secure deletion of data from, and subsequent disposal of, redundant ICT assets.

Unauthorised disclosure of information is a major risk to organisations working with sensitive data, mainly due to the increasing dependence on electronic storage systems and the use of disposable media. NHS and third party systems may contain sensitive, patient-identifying or business critical data. To prevent unauthorised disclosure it is essential that assured data destruction take place.

The framework agreement provides services to;

  • securely and irreversibly erase data from a range of media prior to removal of that media from customer premises; and
  • securely and legally dispose of redundant information and communications technology equipment and media.

The agreement is available to all public sector bodies and registered charities.

Further information can be found on our website here

Project Lead:

Derek Howe


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