Orthopaedic framework

18th June 2014

NHS hubs to collaborate on Total Orthopaedic Solutions framework agreement with 1st January 2015 go-live date

The four NHS collaborative procurement hubs (NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS London Procurement Partnership, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative) are embarking on an ambitious and innovative project to develop, award and implement a Total Orthopaedic Solutions framework agreement.

This is the second major collaboration, following on as it does from the launch on 14th May of the national framework agreement for the supply of nursing and nursing-related staff. A key purpose of this and other collaborative efforts between the four NHS hubs is to avoid duplication of effort, addressing one of the main areas of concern for the DH in its 2013 publication Better Procurement Better Value Better Care. We are seeking to award a total solutions framework agreement that for the first time will see contract coverage across all our hubs’ memberships including product areas not previously taken to market. Our priority is to deliver benefits and solutions for our respective hub members. However, in order to bring even greater benefits we will be structuring the framework agreement so that it can apply nationally, further simplifying procurement in this category.

The scope of the project is being developed by a newly established cross-hub group. We anticipate that the framework will include a number of lots including:

Orthopaedic Lower Limb Arthroplasty – Hip and Knee Primary & Revision joint replacement including bespoke/custom made implants.

Orthopaedic Extremities – Shoulder, Elbow and Ankle Joint Reconstruction and fracture management through prosthetic implantation, including bespoke/custom made implants.

Orthopaedic Trauma, Implants and Consumables – All trauma implants by way of emergency trauma and elective non-recon/congenital correction implants, external fixation devices and consumables. Trauma will also include Maxillo-Facial products.

Spine – Orthopaedic spinal implants and consumables including spinal bone substitutes.

Arthroscopy / Sports Medicine – All capital and consumable items required for arthroscopic surgery including all stack systems and hardware for resection, ablation etc. All specialist instrumentation, disposables and Implants for soft tissue repair and mobilisation.

Orthopaedic Power Tools and Consumables – Large bone, Trauma and High Speed power tools including all associated consumables and maintenance.

Bone Preparation – Bone cement, Mixing Systems, Pulse Lavage, Bone substitutes, associated products.

Enhanced recovery systems’

The Framework will also look to address solutions with regards to:

Managed Services solutions

Value added proposals.

We will be seeking to drive benefit from the framework in a number of ways including:

A strategic pricing schedule per lot to attract best pricing opportunities

Annual volume band price breaks

Annual spend value price breaks

Additional % discounts for £k/volume band commitment to 1,2,3,4 years per trust

Option to work across one or more lots

Ability to work under a Managed Service (for any or all of the above lots)

Inclusion of mini competition options to enable further competitions for one or more trusts.

This will mean that the hubs will be reviewing their current arrangements and seeking to incorporate the very best of what we have achieved into the new solution. We are already committed as a group to ensuring that what we create will be better than what has gone before to achieve universal buy-in. Consequently, suppliers will be expected to meet very high standards, and we will be driving implementation by trusts.

All four hubs are energised by the prospect of bringing another major collaboration to the benefit of the NHS and the orthopaedic market – it has an ambitious go-live date of 1st January 2015 and we will welcome your support to ensure we meet that deadline, for the benefit of our hub members, the NHS as a whole, and patients in particular.

For further information please contact jane.harrison5@nhs.net


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