NHS Commercial Alliance to Assist Department of Health Temporary Staffing Project

23rd April 2014

In August 2013, the Department of Health launched the 'Better Procurement, Better Value, Better Care: A Procurement Development Programme for the NHS'. This aims to help Trusts deliver £1.5bn to £2bn efficiency savings by 2015/16 to help protect frontline services and put in place a set of enablers to sustain the savings for the future.

The Programme has a number of key strands, one of which is Temporary Staffing and this category is expected to contribute £450m to the overall efficiency savings target. Included within Temporary Staffing is Agency staffing, which has an annual spend of £2.1bn.

The Department of Health has commissioned NHS Commercial Alliance to assist with phase 1 of the project, which includes a market assessment, a review/analysis of the use and demand of agency/temporary staffing in the NHS, as well as development of tools to support providers in considering in house or outsource of staff banks and a range of other tools to provide guidance to NHS providers on managing agency spend. This initial phase of the project is designed to help gather the evidence and information required to support the development of a national temporary staffing strategy, including agency staffing for the NHS.

The NHS Commercial Alliance - which is a strategic partnership between the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS Commercial Solutions - was delighted to be asked to undertake this work as it endorses the hard work and investment which has already been put into this category area.

For more information please contact Samantha Parker


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