18th June 2014

Orthopaedic framework

NHS hubs to collaborate on Total Orthopaedic Solutions framework agreement with 1st January 2015 go-live date

The four NHS collaborative procurement hubs (NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS London Procurement Partnership, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative) are embarking on an ambitious and innovative project to develop, award and implement a Total Orthopaedic Solutions framework agreement.

This is the second major collaboration, following on as it does from the launch on 14th May of the national framework agreement for the supply of nursing and nursing-related staff. A key purpose of this and other collaborative efforts between the four NHS hubs is to avoid duplication of effort, addressing one of the main areas of concern for the DH in its 2013 publication Better Procurement Better Value Better Care. We are seeking to award a total solutions framework agreement that for the first time will see contract coverage across all our hubs’ memberships including product areas not previously taken to market. Our priority is to deliver benefits and solutions for our respective hub members. However, in order to bring even greater benefits we will be structuring the framework agreement so that it can apply nationally, further simplifying procurement in this category.

The scope of the project is being developed by a newly established cross-hub group. We anticipate that the framework will include a number of lots including:

Orthopaedic Lower Limb Arthroplasty – Hip and Knee Primary & Revision joint replacement including bespoke/custom made implants.

Orthopaedic Extremities – Shoulder, Elbow and Ankle Joint Reconstruction and fracture management through prosthetic implantation, including bespoke/custom made implants.

Orthopaedic Trauma, Implants and Consumables – All trauma implants by way of emergency trauma and elective non-recon/congenital correction implants, external fixation devices and consumables. Trauma will also include Maxillo-Facial products.

Spine – Orthopaedic spinal implants and consumables including spinal bone substitutes.

Arthroscopy / Sports Medicine – All capital and consumable items required for arthroscopic surgery including all stack systems and hardware for resection, ablation etc.  All specialist instrumentation, disposables and Implants for soft tissue repair and mobilisation.

Orthopaedic Power Tools and Consumables – Large bone, Trauma and High Speed power tools including all associated consumables and maintenance.

Bone Preparation – Bone cement, Mixing Systems, Pulse Lavage, Bone substitutes, associated products.

Enhanced recovery systems’

The Framework will also look to address solutions with regards to:

Managed Services solutions

Value added proposals.

We will be seeking to drive benefit from the framework in a number of ways including:

A strategic pricing schedule per lot to attract best pricing opportunities

Annual volume band price breaks

Annual spend value price breaks

Additional % discounts for £k/volume band commitment to 1,2,3,4 years per trust

Option to work across one or more lots

Ability to work under a Managed Service (for any or all of the above lots)

Inclusion of mini competition options to enable further competitions for one or more trusts.

This will mean that the hubs will be reviewing their current arrangements and seeking to incorporate the very best of what we have achieved into the new solution. We are already committed as a group to ensuring that what we create will be better than what has gone before to achieve universal buy-in. Consequently, suppliers will be expected to meet very high standards, and we will be driving implementation by trusts.

All four hubs are energised by the prospect of bringing another major collaboration to the benefit of the NHS and the orthopaedic market – it has an ambitious go-live date of 1st January 2015 and we will welcome your support to ensure we meet that deadline, for the benefit of our hub members, the NHS as a whole, and patients in particular.

For further information please contact


14 May 2015    

Agency Nursing Framework Awarded


NHS Commercial Solutions are pleased to announce supplier awards for the upcoming Agency Nursing Framework.  The initial process audits, quality evaluation and the electronic auction have now been completed and the successful suppliers are listed here.

A national agreement with five lots will provide agency nurses to all NHS bodies in England.  The South of England has its own specific lot, Lot 4, with an additional lot for suppliers to provide international recruitment solutions (Lot 5).

The official award date for the framework is the 14th May 2014 and will run for 2 years with the option to extend for a further 2 years.

We would like to invite you to a framework launch event for the Southern region to explain the important differences between the old and new frameworks; how the framework can be used and what support NHS Commercial Solutions can provide in setting up Service Level Agreements between trusts and suppliers.

The event's will take place on the following days : -

Tuesday 3rd June from 10am until 1pm. 

Copthorne Hotel London Gatwick Copthorne Way, Copthorne, RH10 3PG

Tuesday 10th June from 10am until 1pm

Hilton Newbury North, M4 Junction 13 (A34) Oxford Road, Newbury RG20 8XY

17th June from 10am until 1pm

Exeter Court Hotel Kennford, Exeter, Devon EX6 7XS

Numbers at the event are limited so please confirm your attendance early by replying to confirming which venue you would like to attend.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact:

Samantha Parker (

Andy Rouse ( 01306 646809

Neil Baigent ( 07584779076



23rd April 2014

NHS Commercial Alliance to Assist Department of Health Temporary Staffing Project

In August 2013, Department of Health launched the Better Procurement, Better Value, Better Care: A Procurement Development Programme for the NHS, which aims to help Trusts deliver £1.5bn to £2bn efficiency savings by 2015/16 to help protect frontline services and put in place a set of enablers to sustain the savings for the future. The Programme has a number of key strands, one of which is Temporary Staffing and this category is expected to contribute £450m to the overall efficiency savings target. Included within Temporary Staffing is Agency staffing, which has an annual spend of £2.1bn.  

The Department of Health has commissioned NHS Commercial Alliance to assist with phase 1 of the project, which includes a market assessment, a review/analysis of the use and demand of agency/temporary staffing in the NHS, as well as development of tools to support providers in considering in house or outsource of staff banks and a range of other tools to provide guidance to NHS providers on managing agency spend. This initial phase of the project is designed to help gather the evidence and information required to support the development of a national temporary staffing strategy, including agency staffing for the NHS.

The NHS Commercial Alliance - which is a strategic partnership between the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS Commercial Solutions - was delighted to be asked to undertake this work as it endorses the hard work and investment which has already been put into this category area.

For more information please contact Samantha Parker


28th March 2014

Medical Locum Further Competition Awarded

NHS Commercial Solutions are pleased to announce the award of an alliance wide NHS list of preferred medical locum agencies for our member trusts to use for their medical locum requirements.

In conjunction with East of England Procurement hub, NHS Commercial Solutions carried out a further selection process on agencies listed on the current Crown Commercial Services (formally known as Government Procurement Service) Medical Locum Framework.

Each agency was assessed on a variety of criteria including doctor re-validation, information reporting, booking process and its capacity and capability to fill shifts within the region.   Within the process the suppliers were also given an opportunity to send alliance wide prices for our member Trusts to use which resulted in a further reduction on costs of around 4%.

Following this process 16 agencies have been selected for our member Trusts to use which are made up of SMEs, consortiums and large suppliers, with this mix of suppliers we feel confident that they will be able to meet your requirements at the agreed prices.

Accident and Emergency Agency


Avoca Managed services (consortium)

Doctors Employment Consortium

DRC Locums

HCL Doctors

Holt Doctors

ID Medical

Interact Medical

Medacs Healthcare

Medic Supply

Pertemps Medical Partnership

ProMedical Personnel

PULSE Healthcare

RIG Locums

Total Assist Recruitment


Detailed information and pricing schedules have already been communicated widely, however if you require additional information or wish to discuss anything further, please contact:       


24th February 2014

Arthroscopy multi-supplier framework

Arthroscopy is a type of keyhole surgery used to diagnose and repair problems with the joints, or to remove fragments of loose bone or cartilage. An arthroscope - a type of endoscope - is inserted through a small incision to investigate the damage to an interior joint. The procedure is most commonly performed on the knees, but can also be used on wrists, elbows, ankles and shoulders.

A multi-supplier framework for arthroscopy has recently been awarded by NHS Commercial Solutions for a period of two years, with two options to extend for a further 12 months each.

This is the first regional framework for arthroscopy capital equipment and consumables awarded in the South East.

The framework, which is open to all NHS organisations in England, enables trusts to conduct further competitions in order to deliver additional benefits through supplier rationalisation and business commitment.

The framework is expected to deliver significant savings opportunities to trusts with a number of smaller suppliers and new entrants to the market pricing competitively in order to increase their market share.


December 18th 2013

New Roadmap for EHPPA

Eight non-profit central purchasing organisations from Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland) who form The European Public Procurement Alliance (EHPPA) met recently to agree their roadmap for 2014.

Alyson Brett, President of EHPPA and Chief Executive of NHS Commercial Solutions explains, “One of EHPPA’s primary objectives will be to benchmark a range of product categories to improve the procurement performance of its members in the European market. Importantly EHPPA also provides a platform for exchange of best practice between members, and aims to promote innovation in healthcare together with industry.”

Dominique Legouge, Executive Vice President of EHPPA and Director of Resah, added that EHPPA is now a central purchasing organisation. “This new statute enables the association to participate in the joint call for tenders that will be launched in 2014 by the consortium members of the HAPPI project (Healthy Aging: Public Procurement of Innovations) whose aim is to award procurement contracts to the most innovative suppliers for healthy aging. EHPPA will take this opportunity to participate in a joint procurement at European level.”


November 21st 2013

New collaborative agency nursing framework launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of a collabora­tive procurement project for agency nursing, which will be jointly managed with East of England, London Pro­curement Partnership, and North of England NHS Com­mercial Procurement Collaborative.

The project has been divided into four regional lots to allow for differing market conditions in each: the North, Midlands and East, the South and London. In addition to our customers in the East of England, South Central and South East Coast, the NHS Commercial Alliance will also be acting on behalf of trusts based in the Midlands.

Stakeholders from each of the four regions have been invited to be part of the two work streams formed as the core decision making group for the procurement process. The work streams are as follows:

Work stream 1 – Commercial & Procurement

Work stream 2 – Job Description and Technical

The South Central and South East Coast stakeholder group will be led by NHS CS’s Samantha Parker and Andy Rouse.

It is planned the new nursing framework will be avail­able to our customers from May 2014.

While this framework is being put in place, NHS Com­mercial Solutions do have interim Nursing SLA ar­rangements with nursing agencies that featured on the former GPS Nursing Framework.

Alyson Brett commented: Our members need a nursing agency network which meets their needs. Above all, trusts need to be con­fident that they are employing high quality agency nurses who will provide the best care for patients. This framework will do just that. Developing this project will provide us with a model for future collaboration which will be good not just for our members and the NHS but ultimately for patients too.”


As you may be aware the Government Procurement Service (GPS) have recently awarded a new frame­work for the supply of nurses. NHS Commercial Solu­tions, alongside our collaborative partners, have ana­lysed and evaluated critical aspects of the contract including:

• The financial sustainability of awarded suppliers

• Supplier capacity and capability

• Actual market pay rate comparisons

Having objectively investigated all information pro­vided, and assessed the risk of using this framework, we have concluded that we were unable to support the implementation of the GPS framework in our re­gion as we believe it does not meet your needs.


Our project will provide:

• A transparent pricing mechanism

• Regular auditing of agencies providing NHS staff

• Collaborative expertise

• A recruitment process which is fully compli­ant with UK and EU legislation

• Guaranteed reliable sources of agency nurse staff


18th November 2013

NHS CS win NHS England tender

As part of our procurement relationship with the Kent and Medway Commis­sioning Support Unit, NHS Commercial Solutions were in a position to bid for a direct commissioning procurement assistance competitive tender issued by NHS England. The work tendered involves both substantive procurement work on direct commissioning services, as well as the provision of advice and consultancy on appropriate procure­ment action on ongoing area team con­tracts.

NHS Commercial Solutions were de­lighted to be selected as the successful bidder for the NHS South lot. This in­volves providing support to seven area teams: Bath, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire; Bristol, North Somerset, South Somerset and Gloucester; Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly; Kent and Medway; Surrey and Sussex; Thames Valley and Wessex.

The contract initially provided support for contracts po­tentially valued at up to £1 million per annum. We are now pleased to advise that NHS England have approved NHS Commercial Solutions’s involvement with any area team direct commissioning contract with a limitless val­ue where assistance is required.

We have already delivered a number of procurements in the fields of offender health and GP contracts, and a number of other procurements in pharmacy and sub­stance abuse; in addition diabetic eye screening and dental services are underway where assistance is required.

We are working with the area teams to develop priori­tised work plans over the next quarter to enable a structured approach to projects, and to draw benefit from any synergies across the area team regions.


10th October 2013

Nursing Framework OJEU notice

The OJEU advertisement for would-be providers to the new national nursing framework for the NHS and other public sector bodies has been published. The contract is for "Supply services of personnel including temporary staff" and its reference number is 2013/S 194-334739. The deadline for responses is 5pm on 11th November 2013.


9th October 2013

HAPPI Infoday a Success


HAPPI - Healthy Ageing: Public Procurement of Innovations is a European Commission initiative. 

With ageing populations across Europe HAPPI has been pioneered by NHSCS and our partners in France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg.This project has been designed to promte ‘ageing well’ and acts as an avenue for healthcare organisations to seek out the most innovative solutions to the demands of caring for our elderly.

Our HAPPI infoday on September 24th was a huge success with a number of suppliers attending. There was a lengthy Q&A session which allowed suppliers to make suggestions and provided food for thought for the HAPPI steering committee.

There were a number of themes to the questions asked by suppliers and we are busy collating these into a report which we will use to identify strategies to move forward with the project.

There has also been an infoday in Paris  with a large amount of attendees and interested suppliers, and there are infodays coming up in Turin and Vienna. These infodays provide opportunities for suppliers to network with industry experts from across Europe and will therefore expend the HAPPI network and open up new markets.

We will be holding drop-in sessions for anyone who was unable to attend the London Infoday and would like further information about the project.

HAPPI will ultimately work towards identifying the most effective innovative products and services and will offer a joint European invitation to tender.

The new online platform will allow suppliers to showcase their innovative products across Europe.

To access the new online platform visit:


HAPPI logo

12th August 2013

Monjur Elahi joins the team

Monjur has joined as Category Manager for our Support Services team. He begins his position with a number of projects to tackle including outsourced diagnostics, postal and outsourced mailing, digital dictation, preferred carrier, outsourced radiology and other IT-related projects.  

Prior to joining this role Monjur worked with East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust from 2010 where he dealt with Tenders, Contracts Management, Procurement and running e-Enablement programmes. He has 10 years’ Contracts, Procurement and Supply Chain experience from the public, private and third sectors.  

Commenting on his new role, Monjur said: "I am thoroughly enjoying my time at NHSCS. It is a varied role and I have enjoyed working alongside the support services team. I am looking to further contribute towards achieving NHS Commercial Solutions’ organisational objectives by applying my inherited knowledge and skills."


1st August 2013    

Emma-Jane Taylor joins NHSCS

Emma-Jane joins our area team as a lead category manager.  After admitting she rather "fell in" to the world of public-sector procurement after her family relocated to Reading in 2003. Emma-Jane's career has gone from strength to strength.

She joined the NHS purchasing and supply agency as an energy buyer from a private-sector energy consultancy. During her time at PaSA she achieved MCIPS and became a general sourcing specialist. When PaSA closed in 2010, Emma-Jane joined ProCure supporting local PCTs in the commissioning of healthcare services, leading on the Any Qualifies provider project across the region.

With the reorganisation of the NHS this year Emma-Jane transferred to the Central Southern Commissioning Support unit where she provided procurement support directly to the CCGs during a period of significant turmoil.

Emma-Jane commented:"I bring a wealth of NHS procurement experience to NHSCS, am never put off by a challenge and relish the customer-focussed element of my new role."


15th July 2013

Aitor Cisneros Joins the Team

Aitor has joined our Healthcare Services team as a category manager, working on medical and surgical contracts in surgical equipment and radiology consumables.

 Aitor has amassed 12 years’ NHS procurement experience but began his career as an English teacher in Spain back in 1993 before moving to the UK in 1997. After several roles in warehouse management, he joined Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust in Croydon as a logistics manager, moving onto Moorfields Eye Hospital in 2008 as a contracts officer. Aitor joined the team in July 2013.

"I am amazed at how knowledgeable everyone in my team is of all different medical and surgical products. My previous NHS experience and my knowledge of ophthalmic products should add to a team that is already working at a very high level."

"I am looking forward to getting fully stuck into my projects and delivering results for the team."


19th June 2013  

Managed Equipment Services attracts interest

NHS Commercial Solutions are attracting a lot of interest for their ‘Managed Equipment Services’ framework which covers diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and cardiology equipment.

The framework has been awarded for a four year period and aims to provide a flexible framework that can be adapted to suit individual hospitals’ needs. The intention of the framework is to ensure that trusts’ medical devices and equipment are used in the most effective manner to support key clinical, operational and strategic priorities.

The framework will provide clients with a wide range of services including:

  • Managing, maintaining and improving medical assets ensuring clinical safety and effectiveness
  • Supporting the provision of a comprehensive maintenance and technical service that promotes best practice and value for money
  • Ensuring the equipment can be operated as efficiently as possible with the lowest downtime possible

Also included within the scope of the framework are any services, consumable and durables that form an essential and intrinsic part of assuring the effective management, control, operation and interoperation of diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and cardiology equipment.

One trust is going though the final stages of contractual agreement of a 10 year contract, whilst another is finalising the details of their Invitation to Tender. Both trusts recognise that there is a huge saving potential from adopting this approach.

The framework is split into three lots:

Lot 1 - multi and/or single life cycle managed equipment services including provision, as and when necessary, of turnkey solutions.

Lot 2 - manufacturer based maintenance services on an aggregated managed maintenance basis

Lot 3 - professional, clinical and technical advice on medical equipment and advice on appropriate audit and service redesign

Five companies have been awarded to each lot and these are Asteral, GE, Medipass, Philips and Siemens. Typically contracts awarded against the framework can last 10 to 15 years.  This is a complex piece of work for any trust who expresses an interest in following this path, but this can lead to huge savings for the trust. NHS Commercial Solutions is here to help trusts through the process.

If you wish to learn more about this area please contact Philip Spicer            


9th May 2013

New Website Launched to Identify Innovations in Ageing Well

HAPPI (Healthy Ageing - Public Procurement of Innovations) is a European demand-driven innovation project which aims to identify innovative products and services in the field of “ageing well”. A key part of this project is the new HAPPI website.

HAPPI logo

01st May 2013

New Agency Offering from the NHS Commercial Alliance

The NHS Commercial Alliance is now able to offer procurement and commercial support for agency staffing to NHS Trusts. A new team has been created and trusts can start benefitting from their expertise now.


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