Tender Process Support

Tendering for goods and services in the public sector is filled with rules and regulations and can be difficult to navigate. Managing a high quality tender process is challenging and keeping up to date with tendering case law and the evolving guidance on best practice requires a substantial investment of time.

Our staff are experts in tendering all forms of contracts under EU legislation, from Part A and Part B procurements through to Any Willing Provider and Competitive Dialogue processes. The expert advice of NHS Commercial Solutions allows procurements to be run in a timely manner, ensuring a fair, legally compliant process backed up with contracts designed to maximise the relationship between buyer and supplier.

We can tailor support to meet the needs of each tender. Support can include advice around legal aspects and proof reading of documents, or a fully managed process involving the development of specifications, engagement of stakeholders, advertising and management of the tender through to award, contract signing and ongoing management.

With each type of contract requiring a different skill set, we have a team with a diverse range of experiences available to support every tender. Our team have run tenders for both NHS and non-NHS specific goods and services, and have a proven track record across a range of categories.

We understand that a tender is only as good as the quality of responses and so prepare tenders which are appropriate for the supply base. Where bidders are from non-commercial backgrounds, tenders are prepared which make responding as straight forward as possible, but still ensure that all the relevant information is captured to allow for an informed contract award to be made.

Our support is backed up by best practice technology. Tenders are run through BravoSolution (e-tendering software) and can be linked to Award (tender evaluation software), where this would be beneficial. Utilising this software provides an audit trail for all activities, dramatically reducing the risks associated with public sector procurement.

When we prepare a tender the benefits are wide ranging. In addition to reducing the risks associated with public sector procurement, our tender support helps to establish and verify cost improvements, drive efficiencies within the supply chain and deliver opportunities for innovation.

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