Our e-enablement programme supports our customers in improving the efficiency of their e-sourcing and e-procurement processes.

This programme brings many benefits, including:

  • Improved quality of information for informing decision making and supporting audit requirements 
  •  Improved quality of purchase order detail, reduction in processing requirements and corresponding reduction in waste of resources
  • Improvement in the efficiency and accuracy of information in the supply chain, reducing risk to patient care
  • Cash releasing savings
  • Efficiency savings through more streamlined processes with fewer steps and fewer manual interventions
  • Improved efficiency of the sourcing process
  • Improved contract compliance
  • Reduced transactional costs 
  • Legally compliant sourcing processes
  • Effective communication with the market
  • Formal and structured process

Procurement Improvement Cycle

NHS Commercial Solutions carried out a regional review and has developed a strategy to improve and develop the currently fragmented SEC e-procurement landscape.  The resulting e-procurement strategy will produce a programme of e-procurement projects tailored to addressing these issues and taking advantage of new standards, processes and technologies that become available. The strategy was developed from the procurement improvement cycle model, whose premise is that the movement of accurate and timely information will support better decision making and drive both savings and supply chain efficiencies throughout the NHS procurement landscape (including sourcing, contracting and the Purchase to Pay (P2P) processes).

Procurement Information Portal (PIP)

Our secure web based portal is called the Procurement Information Portal (PIP). This displays programme management information specific to each customer, including project plans and progress on each project, along with the savings by type delivered for each project. In addition, the portal has a spend analysis tool which has enabled us to automatically collect detailed spend information from each trust.  PIP provides a range of analysis tools that enable the interactive interrogation of the information to produce standard and bespoke reports to inform and support the development of detailed sourcing solutions for customers. To visit PIP, click here.

This portal provides organisations with secure, individual access to PIP which provides many benefits:

  • PIP gives organisations greater access to spend data and analysis of savings, enabling effective business decision making
  • Organisations can clearly analyse their spend
  • PIP displays programme management information and project plans, including progress on each project and the savings by type delivered for each project
  • This service enables us to communicate both progress against the current work plan and the forecasted savings by initiative. The automated collection of spend information from the trust ERP systems enables organisations to more accurately baseline initiatives and to therefore produce more realistic savings forecasts.  The collection of data occurs on a monthly basis, giving each organisation an easy to use application to view its information.

To access this system you will need a username and password. Please click here if you require assistance, or if you experience any technical issues.

Catalogue Management and Distribution Tool

We have a contract catalogue management distribution tool which delivers accurate contract catalogue information for loading into organisations’ P2P systems.  The benefits are:

  • Higher quality information, reducing errors in processing
  • Improved quality of reporting on contract usage
  • Improved reporting of contract compliance in PIP
  • Information to support future NHS Commercial Solutions sourcing projects
  • Improved management of contract catalogues by NHS Commercial Solutions
  • 'Once only' approach, so content controlled centrally eliminates duplicate tasks at local level
  • Trust specific pricing
  • Content formatted for local P2P
  • Accurate content delivered in a timely fashion
  • Supplier provided updates
  • Easier management of content through introduction of catalogue tools, especially for management of NHS Supply Chain content
  • Reduction in requirement for local manipulation of catalogues prior to upload
  • Key platform technology required prior to developing electronic trading

Potential developments include:

  • Additional catalogues available from national contracting sources, including NHS Supply Chain and Buying Solutions
  • Full integration into local P2P systems (three trusts have already adopted this enhanced service offer)
  • Ensure all contracted suppliers provide regular content updates


We have embedded an e-tendering solution in our sourcing processes, including both Part A and Part B services.  Current benefits of this system include:

  • Standard processes to ensure EU compliance
  • Full audit log
  • Robust supplier messaging
  • Templates to reduce workload
  • Tools to manage significant volumes of bidders responses
  • Integration with credit and financial risk scores from Dunn & Bradstreet
  • Improved supplier registration processes
  • Integration with the e-evaluation software (Award)

The service offer around e-tendering has been developed to enable customers to take advantage of the accumulated experience at NHS Commercial Solutions. Customers can access the system to run their own procurement processes through the same NHS Commercial Solutions e-sourcing portal, provided by BravoSolutions.


Evaluation of large, complex procurements or ones involving a significant number of evaluators are facilitated by our e-evaluation software, Award, provided by Qinetec. The current benefits of this system include:

  • Ability to support scoring of submissions
  • Management reports
  • Robust debrief documents for all bidders
  • Full audit trail
  • Tools to facilitate the management of progress in evaluation

Supplier Portfolio Manager

This requirement has been developed in response to the economic climate and the need for the NHS and our customers to take a proactive approach to gain visibility around the financial viability of current contracted suppliers and other key suppliers within the region’s supply chain.  This software tool combines D&B financial risk information with the spend information held within PIP.  The tool will also produce alerts based on criteria, set by NHS Commercial Solutions, to provide proactive indicators of the financial risks within the supply chain. Customers that can provide spend data feeds can potentially be given access to this system.

Procurement Information Portal

Access PIP here



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